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Camp Bestival

Project type

Music Festival


2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024


Dorset & Shropshire, United Kingdom


Digital Producer

Since 2021 I have worked with the Camp Bestival marketing team across their digital content both on-site at each festival but also year-round.

On-site at the festival my responsibilities have included:
- Working with the on-site photography team to curate and publish live content and galleries
- Working with on-site videography teams to produce and publish daily video edits
- Capturing and publishing Instagram Story content across the whole weekend
- Creating and publishing safeguarding messaging to each of Camp Bestival's social channels
- Capturing and editing mobile-first vertical video content
- Monitoring community management for any issues across the festival

Throughout the year I consult with the Camp Bestival marketing team on:
- Announcement content
- Content strategy on key messaging
- Vertical video edits for key campaign moments
- Working with a designer to create branded templates for use across content
- Photography curation for the Camp Bestival website

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